In-house blues

Got the in-house blues? In-house collections can be a double-edged sword. When it works it’s great but when it doesn’t it can be a nightmare. Dealing with nasty debtors can be a real issue, especially when the benefits, what you’re collecting, seem to drop off the end of the earth as more time passes. Then, even worse the debt is written off as uncollectible. Why not take a chance? Turn those written off accounts over to FIRMS and see what we can do for you. We can get you that money and the answer to why is simple. We’re not your office. When you turn a debt over to us it signifies that you’re serious, you will not give up on what you are due. A collection agency carries a very different weight in the mind of a debtor and for good reason. We have the manpower to call outside business hours and on weekends for as long as it takes. We have the ability to credit report and even take them to court, garnishing their wages, putting lien on their property and more. If you find yourself exhausting your means in-house, ask FIRMS about in-house partnering and how we can get back what is due.


Debt Collection in Kentucky

Debt Collection in Louisiana

Ambassador Program

In-house collections can be a lot to shoulder. It takes a lot of calls and a lot of time, which ultimately takes away from the here and now. Sometimes a collection agency isn’t the right answer and even we can admit that. Sometimes you just need a hand and that’s what our “Ambassador Program” is all about. It’s a calling service instead of a collection service. We call your debtors at a flat fee per call representing your office and ask them to pay their bill. The “Ambassador Program” allows offices to expand both their reach and manpower. We expand reach by scrubbing debtors through our databases, pulling their credit history and even credit reporting them. We expand manpower by calling on evenings and weekends and placing a higher volume of calls to your debtors and because we are representing you, the creditor, FDCPA will not apply and we can call multiple times a day.