FIRMS provides its services across a broad spectrum including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare - Institutional and Professional
  • Commercial
  • Banking
  • Consumer
  • Professional Services
  • Municipal and Government
Debt Collection in Kansas

Be in control:

Through our interactive real-time online reporting, you can view, manage, track and audit the status of your account and debts.

Cut down on costs:

Our process minimizes your staff's efforts. Let your staff concentrate on your business while we hunt down your delinquent payments.

Begin early, recover more:

Early recovery process will significantly improve debt collection.

Technology benefits:

Our state of the art technology and consistent updates ensure that you retain complete visibility while also taking new regulations into account.

Collection options

FIRMS provides 2 different collection options with different pricing that clients can choose from. Both options work with our online system to give our clients full real-time access to all of their debtors and our actions. These options are per debtor so clients can choose the option that fits best for each individual case. Request a proposal to get a customized quote based on the amount, size and age of your debts.

Other Software & Services

Our sister companies, iMedWare ( and SpectraMediMSO ( provide the following Software and Services.

iMedWare Software

  • iMedScheduler - Advanced Patient Scheduling
  • iMedRCM - Claims Submission/Eligibility Checking/Digital EOB/Reporting
  • iMedPM - Administrative/Financial PM Software
  • iMedRemind - Appointment Reminder & Confirmation
  • iMedDictate - Dictation Transcription
  • iMede-Rx - e-Prescription Platform
  • iEHR & Patient Portal - Electronic Health Records/Patient Portal

SpectraMedi Services

  • Medical Billing - An industry example of efficient billing service!
  • Medical Transcription - Proven process with exceptional results!
  • Off-site Staffing - Helping you with back-office clerical & technical work!
  • Web application/Development - Programmers with years of real-world experience!