While everything else today seems to ooze technology debt collection has stubbornly remained in the Stone Age. Isn’t it time you brought every aspect of your office into the new age? Debt collection with FIRMS is paperless, other than the checks you’ll be receiving of course! Through our online system you can:


  • Add debtors
  • Manage debtors
  • Post payments and view payment history
  • Pull reports
  • View collector notes and listen to calls
  • Upload debtor invoices and bills
  • Chat with customer support

Debt Collection in California


There’s even technology on the debtor side. With FIRMS debtors can make payments and even set up payment plans through our separate online debtor site, With this site we’ve brought a new meaning to soft collections, giving debtors an option to pay without ever having to be in contact with our collectors. Keeping your customer relations intact while resolving their outstanding balances.
FIRMS would love to move your collection process into the new age, ask about our system demonstration to see our technology in action!