Syracuse, NY, 12 April 2017– DERMEDX DERMATOLOGY (DERMATIQUE) has signed up with FIRMS LTD, one of the leading FDCPA-compliant third-party debt collection companies in US.

DERMEDX DERMATOLOGY (DERMATIQUE) has been in search of a debt collection company and is now fully content with the decision as it has signed up with FIRMS LTD, a company that fulfills all the expectations of its client.

FIRMS LTD is proud of having business association with DERMEDX DERMATOLOGY (DERMATIQUE) and assures expedient and substantial long-overdue debts at low custom cost. Obviously, FIRMS LTD is a firm partner in debt collection as the logo speaks.

FIRMS LTD extends its service as a third-party debt collector in conformity with the new regulations. It comes with state-of-the-art technology and consistent updates ensuring complete visibility wherein clients have full real-time access to view, manage, track, and audit the status of account and debts. FIRMS LTD provides clients support and services right from debt adding to debt data management making the entire process of debt collection easier, efficient, and effective,” states Brenda Boyce, Customer Support Manager for FIRMS LTD.

FIRMS LTD, as the Customer Support Manager claims, is a company that renders services to many doctors’ offices and other businesses that offer credit to consumers and small businesses. FIRMS LTD has established its conspicuous presence all over US for more than a decade. The dedication and commitment of FIRMS LTD team have resulted in the highest customer satisfaction.To know more about, or avail the services of FIRMS LTD, go to