Syracuse, NY, 26 April 2017 – Psychiatric Consultants of CNY has signed up with FIRMS LTD, and it marks a new era for Psychiatric Consultants of CNY as it has a business relation with a reliable and cordial FDCPA-compliant third-party debt collection company in US.

The long search for a committed debt recovering company of Psychiatric Consultants of CNY ends with its signing up of the business relation with FIRMS LTD. Psychiatric Consultants of CNY now feels at ease and peace as the service of FIRMS LTD is more than professional and dedicated.

Established in 2000, FIRMS primary focus is collecting outstanding debts. As Brenda Boyce,Customer SupportManager for FIRMS LTD puts it, there are often a lot of red tapes that hinder collection agencies; however, we are not one of such agencies. We set no minimum limits whatever with regard to the amount, number of accounts, contract, and time. We take accounts as old as 6 years and do not stop our efforts until the debt is paid off. We’ve even collected on accounts as old as 8 years. FIRMS LTD takes pride in its technology and people who with their relentless effort have collected over 35% of our clients debts, which is of course far exceeding the national average of 20%. We can and will deliver. Come and take a look at what FIRMS can do for you, and resolve it with the best Financial Services offered by FIRMS LTD.

FIRMS LTD has set a stamp serving a vast number of healthcare facilities, as well as other businesses that extend credit to consumers with its remarkable third-party debt-collection services for many years. A team of hardworking and dedicated collectors and other specialists in the area of technology; all together have played a vital role in the solidity of the company. FIRMS LTD has been making meteoric success in consistent leaps with new advancements in technology one after another.

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