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FIRMS – The difference maker in your collections!

Since you have a business to run and often are crammed for time juggling your daily tasks, you probably don’t have the time to follow up on each and every debtor personally. Hence, using a collection agency is your best bet at recovering past due balances. And FIRMS is one of the best in the business.

 We send letters and follow up with the debtors over the phone, diligently, efficiently and with a prime focus on collecting the outstanding amount. Do the letters sent to the debtor return marked as Bad Address or the phone number provided turn out to be bad? Rest easy, our top notch support team has the latest skip tracing tools and keeps searching for new and updated information on the debtor. Are your customers not just local but spread across the U.S? Don’t worry as FIRMS is licensed to operate in multiple states.

We not only use the snail mail but are accessible for the debtors on-line as well. This results in quicker resolution of disputes or transfer of required information. It has been noted that the younger generation prefer using this medium and also helps those who are not keen discussing their debt with collection agencies over the phone.

If you are looking for a collection agency, look no further than us. Let our customer service team get in touch with you and give you a broader picture.

How To Save Money With Cash

Recently BuzzFeed ran an article with one of its editors in which she set out to save money over the course of two weeks by only using cash to pay for her necessities and to put her credit card away.  During the first week she set a budget of under $60.  This included buying food, going out for entertainment, and fun activities like going to get drinks with friends.  

The first few days of her first week were a success.  She walked down 35 blocks to attend the grand opening of a new Mexican restaurant where she was able to buy lunch and dinner for $2.  The next day she went to a local grocery store and bought dinner and coffee for $5.  She opted to stay home and cook dinner rather than going out to eat.  On her third day she found a new bar and went to get drinks with a friend because of a $2 special they were having.  By Saturday night though she had given into her old spending habits and the pleasures she had grown accustomed to and exceeded her budget of $60 by spending $75.

The second week she set a budget of $40 to cover all food expenses and entertainment.  This time she buckled down and made it happen.  Monday she went to McDonald’s to get her morning coffee and take advantage of their special of $1 coffee instead of going to Starbucks and spending $4.  For lunch she went online and found great new restaurants that were offering amazing specials for their lunch and dinner menu’s.  Tuesday she was able to spend $5 on lunch and dinner for the entire day.

Why did FIRMS just tell you about this one woman’s experience on setting a budget?  Because FIRMS is dedicated to helping you get out of debt and save more money.

This woman lives in New York City and was able to live for two weeks on only $115 for her food and entertainment.  Everyone has a budget and lifestyle they have become accustomed to and not everyone can live on $40 a week for food and entertainment, especially if you have a family.  However, everyone can cut expenses if they had to.

So how much debt do you have?  How much do you want to get out from the burden of debt and to remove those recurring monthly bills from your budget?

We suggest tracking your spending over the last two months.  Look and see how much money you have actually spent on food and entertainment.  Do you have the number written down?  Now take 25% off that and live on that remaining amount for the next month.  Why?  Because now you can take that 25% and apply it towards your debt payments for that month.  This might sound like a lot for you today but it’s not that challenging so long as you set a plan on how to live off the remaining balance and if you PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD AWAY!  USE CASH!  As we have mentioned in previous blogs, paying with credit cards always cause you to spend more money than you planned.

So set your budget, pay with cash, hide your credit card, and PAY OFF YOUR DEBT!

FIRMS is here if you have any questions or need any advice on how to properly set your budget and stick to it!


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FIRMS Customer Interview

    As a business owner or office manager, a large part of your responsibilities can be managing the debt collection for your business or office.  At FIRMS we work with doctor’s offices all over the United States assisting office managers and business owners in helping to keep their doors open by collecting on the outstanding debts and working with their patients and customers to collect those outstanding debts.  As a premier debt collection company, FIRMS takes great pride in helping local businesses stay open and grow along with making their process of managing their accounts simplified and streamlined.  

FIRMS took a look at the debt collection industry and asked the question “what can FIRMS do better?”  FIRMS offers you real time status on every single account.  Did your customer make a payment to their outstanding debt?  You’ll know about it just as soon as the payment is collected.  Did FIRMS attempt to contact one of your customers?  You’ll be updated about it immediately.

FIRMS recently interviewed one of our current customers in upstate New York.  Malara Eyecare has been one of FIRMS clients since their former debt collection company, MedRev was forced to shut down due to poor business practices for a debt collection company.

FIRMS:  “What was your reason for hiring FIRMS to manage your office debt collection?”

Malara Eyecare:  “We were working with MedRev until New York State forced them to close.  At that time we needed FIRMS to come in and help our office and assist in collecting on our outstanding debts.”

FIRMS:  “Are you more satisfied with FIRMS than you were with MedRev?”

M.E.C.:  “Yes, of course we are!  We are much happier with FIRMS.  The process is much simpler and it has saved our office workers so many hours in updating accounts and tracking where each account is in the process of collections.”

FIRMS:  “What is one thing you like the most about FIRMS?”

M.E.C.: “I would say the website and account login.  This is such a huge development for us to manage the accounts and get accurate and real time updates on everything that is happening within our customer profiles and accounts.”

FIRMS:  “Is there anything you would change about your working relationship with FIRMS or anything you would suggest to improve upon?”

M.E.C.:  “Not at all.  This has been such an amazing transition and has saved our office so much time and money.  We love working with FIRMS and appreciate FIRMS continued support of our business.”

Are you struggling with your current debt collection agency?  Are you looking for an easier, simpler way for your business to collect on the outstanding debts owed?  Give FIRMS a call today and let us show you a better way to work with a debt collection company.

    FIRMS Debt Collection Agency:  1-800-655-4526 and FIRMSltd.com to let us know how you heard about FIRMS!